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Worship & Music Ministry!

Welcome to the Macland Baptist Church Worship and Music Ministry web page! We hope you will discover at Macland Baptist Church that our goal is to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, and to bring glory and honor to His name. At Macland, worship is more than just singing songs in a service – it is a way for God's children to honor Him for who He is. Furthermore, worship is our responsibility and privilege as believers in Jesus Christ. We invite you to learn more about the Music and Worship Ministry, and join us in worship as we fulfill one of God's purposes for our lives.

Worship Choir
The Worship Choir is a vital part of worship at Macland Baptist Church. The Choir is committed to teaching one another to love and worship God while introducing people to the Lord Jesus Christ through the music ministry at Macland. This music ministry group participates weekly in worship services on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. In addition to these worship services, the Worship Choir rehearses every Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM.  These worship opportunities and rehearsals require a significant commitment on the part of the Choir member, and consistent attendance is expected of every member of the Worship Choir. If you are interested in joining the Macland Baptist Church Worship Choir, please contact Eddie Lowery at 
Worship Orchestra
The Worship Orchestra is a central group in music ministry. This group of musicians provide essential worship accompaniment in all services on Sunday morning.  High school students who participate in school band and adults are encouraged to become part of this group. Any high school student or adult desiring to join the Orchestra should contact Eddie Lowery. We welcome individuals into this ministry with willing hearts to serve Almighty God.
Drama Ministry
Macland Baptist Church has a rich heritage in presenting the Gospel through drama and music. We are looking for voluntters to participate in this year Christmas Pageant.  Please contact Eddie Lowery for more information.

The Worship and Music Ministry offers opportunity to ring handbells.  
The group prepares music for worship services and special events. Anyone interested in ringing in handbell choir may contact Eddie Lowery for more 
Music Opportunities for Children
There are many opportunities for preschoolers and school-age children to experience the beautiful, emotional, and expressive benefits of music. Our worship services are designed with children in mind as they experience the timeless hymns of the church as well as new songs of worship and praise. Seasonal ministries such as AWANA and Vacation Bible School provide children with multiple opportunities to express themselves through activity-oriented songs. Throughout our history, age-appropriate choirs for preschoolers and children have been offered, and many children have experienced the joy of presenting musicals to the glory of God.